L’Oréal Big Picture 2020

L’Oréal Big Picture 2020

Today is the official start of the 2020 edition of the L’Oréal Big Picture! This year sounds like the beginning of a new era for the L’Oréal Professorship challenge.

The big idea remains untouched, 1 brief to work on during 1 week to produce a 1 minute original video to answer the brief. For the 1st time of its history, it will be held 100% online, bringing together students from the MSc in Marketing & Creativity and the MSc in Digital Transformation Management & Leadership to work hand in hand towards the same goal: producing THE video and recommendations that will blow out the jury. 55 students were selected to compete this year. The 9 teams were made up considering the participants current program, nationalities, but also backgrounds, ensuring a broad variety of profiles in each team. They are spread all over the world and will have to align to Paris time zone to deliver their final project, adding even more onto the challenge. The working context in which the students will work throughout the week mirrors the evolving job market.  They will have to quickly activate and deploy the key competencies that recruiters will value most in the next future: agility, team spirit and versatility. 

On L’Oréal’s side: Lubomira Rochet  (Chief Digital Officer), Luka Brekalo  (Global e-commerce lead and MMK alumnus ), and Vincent Arcin (Digital Services Factory Director) teamed up with ESCP professors Marie Taillard and Hsin-Hsuan Meg Lee and Re-Up agency founder, Laurent François  to put together the brief. Focusing on the rise of e-commerce and emerging trends that punctuate the market (e.g: social selling, streaming, virtual beauty etc)  the students will have to develop and present their vision for what will be the online beauty experience in 2025, with a particular focus on the role of services within L’Oréal’s e-Commerce eco-system. If you want to find out more about the challenge click here

We will post updates about the full experience in the upcoming days, in the meantime, we will be sharing our students journey on Twitter and Instagram @creativitymktg with the hashtag #lorealbigpicture2020 !

Good luck to all the participants !


Team 1: Maria Christina Aguilar, Valena Altendorf, Tatiana Bouri, Agathe Caekaert, Elsa Corvo, Gabriele Freguja

Team 2: Soulier Raphael, Arcos Maria, Alia Valerie, Karstens Anna-Maria, Nizerolle Marin Leveillé, El Chidiak Laura

Team 3: Thakkar Aasit, Banerjee Portia, Medrano Arielle, Gautier Bolz Enrique, Ranalli Marina, Hakmeh Stephanie

Team 4: Zhang Zhongzhi, Bennani Dana, Ramesh Drishya, Saugier Marie, Gabay Paul-Oscar, Kaiyrbekova Aidana

Team 5: Crosby Joshua, Chng Chelsea, Serradura Nicole, Dabar Sara-Maria, Diarassouba Adam, Lalanne Camille

Team 6: Gaspar Miguel, Bosatra Bianca, Simoni Elena, Dillies Louise, Cohen Eliav, Otto Gabrielle 

Team 7: Steinbauer Florian, Coulaud Anaïs, Anastasia Grenkova, Jakubowicz Aline, Chatterjee Snehajeet, Tek Michelle 

Team 8: Tautscher Amina, Pomati Bianca, Scannell Ciara, Han Shuang, Oziel Lirone, Roueiheb Laura Walid

Team 9: Isidori Giulia, Lee Jongeun, Friederich Meike, Wahl Leonie, Wiss Benjamin, Padte Vedantee Niranjan



And the winner is Team 6 with their beauty assistant solution AMI !

2nd position goes to team 4 and 3rd to team 7.

Huge congratulations to all the participants for their hard work and remarkable performances over the week !