Master in Management & The London Specialisation in Creativity Marketing Management

A world-class academic qualification

In today’s fast-changing business environment, there are increasing demands for business leaders who are international, digital, and effective. The Master in Management is designed to develop the skills needed to analyse complex strategic and operational management issues within a global context.

This two-year, full-time general management Master programme provides the opportunity to study in up to four countries, with options ranging from ESCP Business School’s own six European campuses to our more than 100 partners worldwide.

Practical experience is an essential asset

Master in Management graduates leave with a minimum of 40 weeks of professional experience. This ensures that you leave the programme with the invaluable intercultural practical experience top recruiters are looking for.

In addition to the study-internship structure, we also offer the possibility of following an apprenticeship study track, allowing for systematic structured periods at the School whilst also working in a firm for an extended learning experience.


  • Strengthen your ability to live and work in a highly multicultural and international environment
  • Develop a strong foundation in all functional areas of business
  • Develop advanced skills in critical analysis, communication, and innovation
  • Create your career plan through specialisations and in-company experience

Key Features

  • Ranked 5th worldwide by the Financial Times
  • A two-year, full-time general management programme with specialisations
  • An integrated intercultural programme curriculum
  • Taught across the 6 ESCP Business School campuses
  • Exchange and double-degree offerings with 120 partner universities worldwide
  • Five seminars, including Start@Europe, held at the European Parliament
  • A springboard to a high-level professional career
  • Excellent employment rates at 98% employed within 3 months of graduation
  • At least two integrated internships/work placements
  • The option of gap years and apprenticeships for workplace experience

Degrees from ESCP Business School campus countries

The integrated programme curriculum offers the possibility to obtain up to four national degrees in ESCP Business School campus countries.

  • German Master of Science •
  • UK European MSc in Management •
  • Spanish Master Dirección de Empresas •
  • French Master Grande Ecole* •
  • Italian Laurea Magistrale (for pre-master students from the Turin campus only) •
  • Polish Master of Science

*All students receive the French degree recognised by the French Ministry [1]. Specific conditions apply in order to obtain further national degrees upon graduation.

The London Specialisation in Creativity Marketing Management

The Creativity Marketing option complements the MIM core courses by providing a cutting edge approach to marketing and management in general. Students will develop the ability to blend creative and analytical thinking in their approach to understanding consumers, managing products and developing integrated communications strategies. The specialisation is particularly well suited to students looking for a career in marketing, product or brand management or entrepreneurship.

This option is offered on the London Campus, developed on the basis of the MSc in Marketing and Creativity, an innovative and extremely successful programme offered for the past six years exclusively on the London Campus. The option takes advantage of the vast expertise of the London Campus in that area – including a) world experts, as well as b) the Creativity Marketing Centre, a centre and think tank in marketing that has being launched on the London Campus in June 2012.

Creativity Marketing is a new approach to marketing which recognizes that the job of marketers has evolved greatly over the recent past and requires new competences and a new mindset. Successful marketers stay ahead of the curve by putting creativity at the centre of their strategic thinking and day to day operational practice; our graduates excel in their subsequent dynamic careers in world leading corporations by learning to unleash the value of creativity both in themselves and in those around them.

The creativity element is infused throughout the option’s curriculum and reflected in the illustrative cases and best practices from a range of sectors including the creative industries and traditional marketing careers.

Throughout the curriculum, a balance is sought between a) creativity and b) analytical rigor. Much of the content is therefore devoted to the thorough situation analyses that must precede the elaboration of a truly creative marketing management within a recognised set of constraints. Best practice cases are studied in depth and discussed in order for students to acquire fluency in the combined use of creativity and analysis in their contemporary marketing thinking. Having reviewed the fundamental building blocks of marketing management, students will be encouraged to explore creative solutions to issues such as commoditization of marketplaces, consumer skepticism, channel conflicts, global competitive pressures, life cycle challenges and many more contemporary issues; and they will be encouraged to question or extend into the new era existing traditional approaches and to seek out opportunities to bring creativity to bear into the development of customer-centric marketing efforts.

Joining the option

Because of the demanding and creative nature of the options, admission to the option is competitive and requires a high level of motivation. Students must submit to the London Programme Office and the Director of the Specialisation (Prof. Minas Kastanakis) their full CV and a letter of motivation that will be evaluated in order to gain acceptance to this highly sought-after option.



Visit the link below and please choose “Master in Management” in the “Admission” section after having created your account to proceed to the Master in Management application form (you will be able to choose it from our full programmes’ list).

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Do you want to learn new approaches in tuned with what marketing is today?

The creativity marketing option gives you a cutting edge approach to marketing and management in general.

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