About Yummee

Yummee is a pioneering fundraising community marketplace where you can, as a charity supporter, bake or buy homemade cakes in your neighbourhood, with all the proceeds going to a charity.

Yummee is all about bringing communities together to bake the world better!

About the Consultancy Project

This project aims to improve Yummee’s website and marketing strategy to attract new users, improve experience of the existing ones, and increase engagement either for bakers and consumers.

Key objectives:

  • Identify platform weaknesses
  • Create a new website
  • Improve the mobile version of the website (not app)
  • Increase Yummee’s exposure on social media platforms
  • Boost the number of Yummess and Yummers
  • Enhance engagement


Anthony Bessis

Anna Nastashchuk

Niraj Teeluck

Iuliia Zadorozhna