About Wikirate

The Wikirate Project is a community-driven initiative to “open companies up” by providing a wiki platform for corporate transparency. Re-launched in 2014, provides information created by and for anyone who interacts with companies: consumers, employees, investors, management, regulators, competitors… In other words, it’s for all of us.

About the Consultancy Project

This project provides a robust proposal focused on creating visibility for the wikirate platform powered by social media integration. The team applied primary and secondary research.

Key objectives:

  • To investigate and understand the intentions and motivations of company employees and activists as far as it concerns their engagement and interactions in online communities
  • To increase visibility of the platform through social media integration, creating online content and setting a robust link building strategy
  • To partner with key organisations to boost visibilty for the wikirate platform
  • To enhance offline engagement activities


Carlos Coste Campos

Julien Joly

Wanzhen Li

Varuzhan Sahakyan

Ana Stefan

Maria Iordanou