About Strop de Ajutor

About Strop de Ajutor

About Strop de Ajutor

Strop de Ajutor is a Romanian charity that helps children in need. The charity was created by Vlad and Media Micsunescu and Adina and Vlad Dumitrescu. It aims to improve the current situation of children in orphanages. They help with the daily, basic yet vital needs of children and to offer them a bit of any child on this planet deserves – attention and affection.

About the Consultancy Project

This project aims to provide in-depth research and empower the charity’s marketing strategy increasing brand awareness and social media exposure. This study will explore the use of storytelling and enhance the user experience on the website.


  • Research-Based and Best Cases Recommendations Plan
  • Create a new Website (Design and Content)


Anna Abramkina

Ruxandra Micsunescu

Anne Magda Lamping

Jeanne Mattei

Shreyaal Hirani