L’Oréal grants Professorship in Creativity Marketing To ESCP Business School Faculty and becomes Corporate Founding Member of ESCP Business School’s Creativity Marketing Centre in London

L’Oréal grants Professorship in Creativity Marketing To ESCP Business School Faculty and becomes Corporate Founding Member of ESCP Business School’s Creativity Marketing Centre in London

ESCP Business School is delighted to announce the launch of the L’Oréal Professorship in Creativity Marketing, to be held by two of its London-based Professors, Dr MarieTaillard and Dr Benjamin Voyer.

L'OréalAs part of this agreement, L’Oréal becomes a Founding Corporate Member of ESCP Business School’s Creativity Marketing Centre (CMC). The CMC provides academic research and published articles on themes such as Consumer Creativity, Cultures of Creativity, Analytics and Creativity, Big Data, Behavioural Science Innovation, and the Emergence of Business Ecosystems.

  • For L’Oréal and ESCP Business School, Creativity Marketing is a shared domain of excellence.  The partnership strengthens L’Oréal’s position in the domain, bringing academic content and input to its internal and external operations. The company will benefit from the high visibility offered within ESCP Business School through participation in the business school’s events and contact with its 45,000 strong student and alumni body; and beyond ESCP Business School through academic and professional conferences, media appearances and other events.The new partners will together explore a cutting edge research field with real-world management implications, establishing L’Oréal as a business at the forefront of innovative management thinking. Special pedagogical and consultancy projects will be set for students, as well as L’Oréal-centred case studies and seminars. There will also be the opportunity for ESCP Business School’s faculty to participate in L’Oréal’s in-house seminars on Creativity Marketing.

    Both of the newly-appointed L’Oréal Professors of Creativity Marketing are renowned experts in the field and will use their new titles for all public appearances and research works.

    The work of the Creativity Marketing Centre, based at ESCP Business School’s London campus feeds into ESCP Business School’s flagship marketing degree programmes: the full-time MSc in Marketing and Creativity and the Creative London Summer School. In addition, marketing courses within the general management master degrees and the Executive MBA benefit from the CMC’s cutting-edge thinking and research.

    Dr. Taillard said: “We are really proud that the work we have done establishing Creativity Marketing as a centre of excellence for ESCP Business School has been recognised by one of the world’s top marketing-led companies, and we are looking forward to deepening our relationship with L’Oréal.”

    Dr. Voyer said: “As a consumer psychologist, I have always been fascinated by the consumption of beauty products, and the emotional and psychological factors that drive it. L’Oréal is at the forefront when it comes to understanding consumers, and this new partnership will be a great opportunity to show how real-world marketing issues can benefit from the cutting-edge academic research conducted at ESCP Business School.”

    For ESCP Business School, the partnership strengthens its long association with a prestigious and innovative consumer brand. Professor Delphine Manceau, Dean of European Executive Education and Corporate Relations explained: “ESCP Business School has had strong ties with L’Oréal for many years: L’Oréal was a founding member of our Foundation in Paris; we work together on a Bespoke Executive Programme at our Madrid Campus; we have built the Big Picture seminar on innovation and Creativity for our students together; and L’Oréal recruits many of our students each year. This new Professorship is a step further.  It strengthens our partnership and anchors it in our London Campus in the field of Creativity Marketing, an area of expertise we wish to deepen together.”

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