MSc in Marketing & Creativity students help win prestigious prizes

MSc in Marketing & Creativity students help win prestigious prizes

Global brand consulting agency Landor‘s work for FEDORA – The European Circle of Philanthropists of Opera and Ballet – has just won two prestigious awards: the top prize for best global brand design, at the ‘Grand Prix Stratégies du Design 2015’ awards ceremony, organised by French magazine Stratégies, and also the prize for best ‘Branding / Branding Schemes / Small Organisation 2015’ at the renowned D & AD Awards, to be presented in London next month.

This brings to fruition a fascinating collaboration between ESCP Business School’s MSc in Marketing & Creativity (MMK) students, FEDORA and Landor, a relationship the School established in 2013.

For the Stratégies prize, a jury of marketing, brand and communications directors selected Landor’s entry above all others: “The Grand Prix must honour great courage and vertical integration between insight, idea and execution,” said jury member Olivier Auroy, Global Corporate Director at design agency CBA.

A new platform of philanthropy in Europe

With local funding of new opera and ballet in long-term decline, ESCP Business School graduate Edilia Gänz (MMK Class of 2013) worked with Jerôme-François Zieseniss, Chair of the Friends Circle of La Fenicein Venice and of the French Committee to Save Venice, and ESCP Business School alumnus Jean-Yves Kaced (Master in Management, Class of 1983), Director of the Association of Friends of the Paris National Opera (AROP), to launch the FEDORA organisation in 2014. A new network connecting philanthropic organisations from opera houses, festivals and friend associations across Europe was born, and prizes for new works were launched.

Working with Master Students

In 2013, to help prepare the launch of the new network, Ms Gänz, Director of FEDORA, commissioned a Company Consultancy Project from a team of ESCP Business School MSc in Marketing & Creativity students. The students conducted research and made recommendations on the approaches to branding and marketing for FEDORA. During the project phase in autumn 2013, the team delivered their research outcomes and strategic concepts.

“The student team really embraced the co-creation aspect of the project and showed great dedication,” said Ms Gänz. “They did an excellent job, using their analytical and creative skills in order to put forward strong ideas on how to develop a sustainable value proposition for FEDORA.”

Introducing a Design Agency

Harnessing the strength of its network in the creative sector, ESCP Business School then put Edilia and FEDORA in touch with Luc Speisser, Managing Director of Landor in Paris. His team were then able to build on the research and strategy developed by Edilia with the assistance of the students, to create a visual identity for the brand with a new ‘stepped’ logo echoing the steps up to the stage and a cut out ‘F’, the initial letter of the name, as well as a visual code for the FEDORA Prizes. Landor also developed the branding strategy and guidelines for all of FEDORA’s communications.

Co-creation: a winning proposition

The co-creation process is one of the cornerstones of ESCP Business School ‘s MSc in Marketing & Creativity. Orchestrating rich and valuable collaborations between diverse, sometimes unexpected, partners requires a creative approach and is encouraged throughout the programme. ESCP Business School is one of only a few business schools that teach and practice co-creation.

The power of co-creation as a creative activity has been recognised in the winning of the ‘Stratégies Grand Prix of Design2015’ in France and the international D & AD Award.

It is rare for a business school, client and agency to collaborate in this way, but between them, ESCP Business School, FEDORA and Landor have shown it is to be encouraged!

“We are honoured by this award since the D&AD Awards celebrate the finest creative work in the world,” said Luc Speisser, Managing Director of Landor Paris.

The winning campaign can be viewed here:

About the MSc in Marketing & Creativity

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About FEDORA -The European Circle of Philanthropists of Opera and Ballet

FEDORA connects 13 Opera Houses, Festivals and Friend Associations from eight European countries, including London’s Royal Opera House, AROP (Paris National Opera), and others from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

According to its Director, ESCP Business School alumna Edilia Gänz, the FEDORA organisation’s aim is to nurture the renewal of opera and ballet from a platform of Opera Houses, Festivals, Friend Associations and private donors. She said: “We believe in federating energies and supporting emerging artists of exceptional talent in the field of the performing arts, through the FEDORA Prizes.”

The idea of the FEDORA Prizes for new work was initiated to promote creativity in opera and ballet. FEDORA collaborates with major donors who underwrite the ‘FEDORA – Rolf Liebermann Prize for Opera’ (€150,000) and the ‘FEDORA – Van Cleef & Arpels Prize for Ballet’ (€100,000). An international competition is now live with expert juries. Ms Gänz said: “We wish to pay tribute to Rolf Liebermann for igniting FEDORA’s vision over 20 years ago.”

About Edilia Gänz

After graduating with a degree in Business Administration from Mannheim University in Germany and working with the Mannheim Philharmonic Orchestra, Edilia Gänz joined ESCP Business School ‘s MSc in Marketing & Creativity in January 2012. She was a founder member of the ‘Marketing for Change’ charity initiative associated with her course, and class Valedictorian at graduation. After her studies, she took an internship at the AROP – The Association of Friends of the Paris National Opera, based at the Palais Garnier in Paris. Following her internship the Director of the AROP and ESCP Business School alumnus Jean-Yves Kaced (Master in Management, 1983), appointed her project manager of FEDORA and, as the project grew, she was promoted to Director of the new organisation she helped to create.