Race to win the Ferrari challenge

Race to win the Ferrari challenge

Last February, MMK students (MSc in Marketing & Creativity) embarked on a journey that pushed the boundaries of luxury and sustainability. Their challenge was to deliver Ferrari; How to combine luxury experiences with environmental, sustainable and governance strategies (ESG) that fulfil their sustainable customer expectations with innovative trends.

The challenge was clear: 66 students needed to give the best strategy that combines the values and sustainable efforts of Ferrari, with recommendations of Ferrari activities in the UK that aligned with their previous launch of their Purosangue.

The reason why Ferrari works hand in hand with MMK students of ESCP is that in this master’s we combine perspectives and strategies of marketing with new creative approaches in the luxury sector, focusing on the customer experience.

As the brief said: Ferrari always has focused on the dedicated customer experience in sports cars, with personalization of the tailor-made car, managing the “waiting list”, show-room delivery and after-sales experience with customer feedback, to merit a follow-up order and building the client’s collection.

With this, the students delved deep into the realms of luxury marketing, environmental sustainability, and corporate governance. They meticulously analysed case studies, market trends, and consumer behaviours, seeking the elusive intersection where luxury and sustainability converge.

The winning group was A2; Chiara Bouchez, Yash Desai, Margherita Mocio, Maria Alejandra Peña, Mason Pruitt and Yiting Xiao. They focused on bringing an art experience with sustainable artists that can show the Purosangue in a disruptive experience.

They followed 3 steps to have a solid strategy, they started with art events where different artists illustrated the cars and used the materials left over to make miniatures of those cars and exhibit them later, then sold them through auction and created a sustainability and art fund, which was translated into an event with the ESG. The events were specially chosen for the English public and the team focused on presenting a very detailed and solid financial proposal, bearing in mind that the proposal was presented to Ferrari.

This was a valuable opportunity and experience for all students. Working with Ferrari implies taking a deep analysis of what they offer, not in the automotive sector, but in the luxury sector. They push us to think outside the box and create competitive and creative strategies that keep the continuity mindset of involving innovation, luxury and sustainability in one brand.