[Day 4] Last chance to finalise

[Day 4] Last chance to finalise

Working hard to meet the deadline

After a whole day of shooting on day 3, we decided to have a good rest to be better prepared for day 4, as it was going to be a long and crucial day before our final presentation on day 5.

We kicked off very early – this was our final chance to make the most of this experience, and we wanted to give our best. We were feeling quite confident about our idea and we were happy with our footage. Now we had to focus on the editing, and check if we had everything we needed.

The journey

We first discussed how we wanted our video and presentation to look. We had all the raw material, the videos that we had shot, the research that we had done, and also our whole concept was clear in our heads. We just wanted to spend some time discussing with each other to ensure we were on the same page about how the final presentation and video should look.

Our strategy was to divide the work amongst ourselves to be more efficient.

We were six people in our group so we divided the work into teams of two.

Two team members selected the footage that truly reflected our concept.

Two team members selected the music that we needed for the film.

And the other two team members worked on the presentation.

During the exercise, we kept an eye on our joint project to ensure that we all agreed with the work produced. Dividing the work did help us a lot, and we certainly gave our best as the tasks were given to us according to our skills.

In the afternoon we had our background music and the presentation ready. We had also carefully selected the videos that we wanted in the film and started editing them.

Editing the video was quite time-consuming, but we wanted it to be perfect. We had already anticipated that this task was going to take a big chunk of our day, so we planned accordingly to avoid any issues. Time-keeping was key on this project, and we had enough time to edit the video, add music to it, and do the presentation simultaneously.

By 6pm we had our video ready, and it was submitted to our mentors! We then focused the presentation planning, as our team needed to turn its attention to the question of how to orally present the concept to the Jury.

Each team member had the opportunity to present the part they felt most comfortable with.

By 9pm we finished rehearsing. We were very happy with our video and presentation, and especially our concept. We believed in our work and we knew that we had created something really meaningful!

At this point we had mixed feelings. We were happy and relieved as the presentation was the only task pending, but we also felt sad as we had such a great time working with each other.

It was amazing to work with students from another academic institution, foster co-creation, and learn from each other.

The project taught us the importance of collaborative work, how to work under pressure and how to be efficient in an ever-changing environment. L’Oreal’s Big Picture was definitely a wonderful learning experience we will cherish all our lives, and we are sure it will help us in our future endeavors.

Written by Divya Kedia (ESCP Business School)