Kristine de Valck, dry chicken, and paintball

Kristine de Valck, dry chicken, and paintball

By Dr Tom van Laer

This week, my colleagues and I host associate professor Kristine de Valck of HEC Paris, France. Kristine has a long-lasting relationship with ESCP Business School. Luca Visconti and she go way back and she knew Ben Voyer already when he was still a PhD student. Kristine and I bonded over a lunch of dry chicken at the European Marketing Academy Conference in Nantes, France in 2009.

Kristine has written some influential papers on marketing, such as one in the Journal of Marketing in 2010 on networked narratives and the tension bloggers feel when they are faced with the question of whether they would discuss a product experience on their blog or rather avoid looking commercial.

The working paper she presented as part of our academic research seminars had already won the Juror’s Award prize for best videography at the Association for Consumer Research Conference in 2009. You may watch it here. It focuses on the new, exciting, and creative topic of practice-dominant logic of markets and uses that approach to explore the interplay of human and non-human agency in the creation and evolution of the lifestyle sport market of paintball.

Eleven marketing researchers from different UK universities attended the seminar at ESCP Business School’s London campus, while six faculty members followed the proceedings via video link from ESCP Business School’s Paris campus. Feedback from the audience showed it to be an enjoyable and stimulating event. Thank you, Kristine, for this interesting seminar.


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06 March 2013
Dear Tom and colleagues, Thank you for hosting me! It’s been a pleasure to present my joint work with Joonas Rokka and Joel Hietanen at ESCP. We will work hard on addressing your comments in our next draft!!!