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Pan-European Marketing ten years after 1993 - A current appraisal and proposed conceptual framework

Author: Chris Halliburton and Reinhard Hünerbergb
Publisher: Taylor Francis Online
Cited as: Halliburton, C. and Hünerbergb, R. (2005). Pan-European Marketing Ten Years After 1993–A Current Appraisal and Proposed Conceptual Framework. Journal of Euromarketing, 14(1-2), 15-34.

The article analyses how major European multinationals communicate their corporate identity across countries via their corporate websites. It examines the approach of the top 100 European listed companies which have a corporate website with head offices in the UK, France or Germany by comparing their home ("parent") website with the host websites in the other two countries using a content analysis approach. It finds that companies adopted a "glocal" approach which varied according to the country of origin and also to the industry sector. It suggests that a true "Single Market" in European corporate communications still has some way to go and that companies need to adapt elements of their internet communications and website policy more fully to cross-country differences and exploit the full benefits of internet-based corporate branding. The study therefore integrates the literature on global and corporate branding and corporate communications and the internet. Few, if any, studies have empirically investigated cross-border corporate website communications in Europe. Further work could extend the study into other sectors and other countries.

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