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Raising the Pyramid

The ESCP Europe Master in Marketing and Creativity curriculum includes a module in which students develop social enterprise marketing strategies. The module is entitled 'Raising the Pyramid' after the Base of the Pyramid strategies originally discussed by the late C.K. Prahalad. These strategies offer interesting examples of creative distribution solutions.

The core of the module is a consultancy project on behalf of the students' client, a Ugandan grassroots NGO, seeking to develop new revenue streams to fund their work with HIV/Aids-affected individuals. The work is carried on in association with The Great Generation, a young and forward-thinking organisation which aims at enabling communities to embrace opportunities for development and seek solutions to poverty.

The 2012 student team developed the go-to-market strategy for the production of home-grown mushrooms. In addition to their consultancy work, students had to raise their own funds in order to participate in the onsite delivery of their consultancy project in Uganda. In effect, the module serves as a "real life" project in which two interlinked marketing strategies must be built and implemented under sever resource constraints, making creativity a critical strategic feature.

The 2012 team launched a fundraising initiative under the Marketing for Change brand name, in order to better communicate their fundraising goals and to create a lasting fundraising platform for future teams. 

Uganda 2012_meetingGrowers Uganda 2012_Dinner

The module serves as an interesting research experiment in the effect of constraints on Creativity Marketing, and in particular on marketing for social enterprise.

We aim to take advantage of lessons learnt by the student teams to gain further insights into Creativity Marketing under constraints.

If you want to know more about the 2012 trip to Uganda, please visit the students' blog. More pictures can also be found here.

ESCP Europe Business School and The Great Generation have been delivering projects together for several years.

In 2010 and 2011, students from ESCP Europe worked to support the Kyebando Vocational Training Centre (KVTC) in Kampala. The centre's mission is to build a better future for orphans and vulnerable young people in Uganda, by empowering them with competitive skills and knowledge for mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS and poverty in their families and communities. The students helped by delivering training in marketing and communication and provided significant support to the KVTC's income-generating catering enterprise through the creation of a strategic, targeted business plan.

Uganda 2011_groupIn summer 2011, the Master in Marketing and Creativity students' work focused on underpinning that business plan, reviewing the results and suggesting solutions for the challenges encountered along the process.

To discover more, please visit the 2011 blog or take a look at the pictures.

Our Master in Marketing and Creativity students and the Great Generation programme were also featured in an interesting article on The Independent in July 2102.

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