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ESCP Europe's MSc in Marketing & Creativity is an 18-month programme taught in English at our London and Paris campuses. Its groundbreaking curriculum integrates traditional lectures and creative industry seminars, as well as a professional internship, thesis, direct experience in a developing market, and consultancy project for a corporate client.

The application process for the January 2018 intake of the MSc in Marketing & Creativity is now open! Click here to begin yours

Aimed at postgraduates holding Honours degrees in any discipline, the MSc in Marketing and Creativity course offers all the elements of a high-level MSc programme and an innovative approach which places creativity at its very core. Our graduates excel in their subsequent dynamic careers by learning to unleash the value of creativity both in themselves and in those around them.

The creativity element is infused throughout the MSc in Marketing and Creativity's 18-month programme and reflected in the illustrative cases and best practices from the creative industries. Specialist seminars on fashion, design, architecture, film, music, language, art, theatre and advertising are built in throughout thanks to our partnerships with UK and European beacons of creativity. Students benefit from studying in both London and Paris, two of the world's recognised centres of creative excellence, as well as from the support of the School's outstanding world-class faculty.

By pairing this unique focus with almost 200 years of expertise, we provide MMK students with one of the most striking, thought-provoking and - above all - career-broadening Marketing masters currently available.

Please note, the MSc in Marketing and Creativity programme is taught entirely in English and has only one intake per year (January). 

Find out more about the MSc in Marketing & Creativity.

Is our MSc in Marketing and Creativity right for you?

Yes, if you are a looking for:

  • an accredited generalist postgraduate marketing programme  that places the value of creativity at the centre of marketing practice
  • a ground-breaking programme that brings together creative minds to teach a fresh approach to marketing
  • practical programme in which you launch your future career with support from a network of creative professionals
  • an insightful programme based on decades of experience in teaching marketing at the postgraduate level by a world-class faculty
  • an innovative programme that reflects the most up-to-date thinking in marketing so you can run ahead of the curve in this fast-changing field
  • an international programme that brings together perspectives and experiences from across Europe
  • value-focused programme that lets you enhance your creative talents to develop outstanding skills and mindset for a successful marketing career 

There are many Masters in Marketing out there, but there are none quite as innovative as ESCP Europe's MSc in Marketing and Creativity. We look forward to your application!

Admission Deadlines

The application process for the January 2018 intake of the MSc in Marketing & Creativity is now open! Click here to begin yours

Choose "Master - Master of Sciences" in the "Admission" section after having created your account.


Admission Deadline

Interview Dates

1 April 2017

6 & 7 April 2017

1 May 2017

8 May 2017

1 June 2017

8 & 9 June 2017

1 July 2017

13 & 14 July 2017

1 September 2017

7 & 8 September 2017

1 October 2017

12 & 13 October 2017

1 November 2017

9 & 10 November 2017

24 November 2017




ESCP Europe strives to attract the best students, regardless of their financial background. As such, the School offers a selection of financial need and merit-based scholarships. Around 400 are awarded each year, representing a total of €1,500,000. 

Partial scholarships of a minimum £3,000 will be awarded on the basis of:

  • Financial need
  • Merit during the admission process
  • Likely personal contribution to the programme
  • Outstanding academic achievement and potential

For further information, please contact Viktorija Nikitina, Admission Coordinator at or call on +44 (0)207 4438843.

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