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The practice of Marketing is evolving today at a quicker pace than at any time before. The development of global channels, social media and big data have all redrawn the relationship between organisations and their customers, giving both an equal stake in shaping the brand's image - whether in consumer or B2B markets.

There is an overwhelming choice of new communications channels and sources to be mastered and combined. Brands no longer advertise themselves to consumers; rather, consumers use brands to advertise to others. And the rise of global markets means that products and services need to differentiate themselves in ever more creative and innovative ways.

The Masterclasses in Creative and Strategic Marketing from ESCP Europe Business School are a direct response to conversations with senior marketers at some of the world's leading brands. These have revealed a concrete need for targeted professional training to enable marketing executives to add to their existing knowledge and skills and keep up with the rapid rate of change in the marketing world.

What We Offer

The Masterclass Series is a programme of separate three-day interactive learning sessions for current marketing professionals, each covering a different aspect of the rapidly-evolving cutting edge of marketing.

Sessions can be taken individually or built-up over time as an integrated set of modules leading to a Diploma or Masters qualification.

They are a quick and effective way for organisations to upgrade and grow the capabilities of their existing marketing people, allowing attendees to network with, and learn from, the experience of their peers. As a result, the Masterclasses challenge participants to find new and creative ways to deliver all aspects of their job.

These interactive and highly-participative sessions are led by members of ESCP Europe's outstanding international facility and incorporate the latest learning from the School's successful Executive Marketing & Creativity Masters programme and the Creativity Marketing Centre @ ESCP Europe which is our platform for innovative industry thinking. 

Companies as diverse as Google, BMW, L'Oreal and Uber have already benefited from the knowledge, skills and most importantly - attitude - acquired by alumni of ESCP Europe's Marketing and Creativity programmes, now available for the first time as individual modules delivered by one of the world's leading business schools, with deep experience in executive and bespoke training programmes.

Masterclass Options:

Fees, Admissions & More Information

Each Masterclass is priced at £2,200. Discounts are available to ESCP Europe alumni and Corporate Partners. No application fees apply for Masterclasses.

Participants completing all 8 Masterclasses can add a graduation package for an additional £4,400 in order to obtain the Executive Master in Marketing and Creativity.

For information about ESCP Europe's Marketing and Creativity programmes and the Masterclass Series, entry routes and all admissions enquiries, please contact Crochenka McCarthy, Admissions Coordinator, via email or by calling +44 (0)20 7443 8823.

Masterclass Series
Introduction to Creativity Marketing (1.5 days) Brands & Brand Value (1.5 days) This Masterclass concentrates on developing a new attitude to marketing practice, one that questions and challenges, redefining conventional wisdom by identifying opportunities to deliver value and differentiation in all elements of the marketing mix and across multiple strategic levers.
The Art & Science of Creativity (1½ days) Managing Trends & Talents (1½ days) Through their need to balance “art” and “science”, marketers face specific challenges in establishing the value of innovative new ideas in a broader organisational environment which seeks to be driven by certainty and risk-reduction. Yet innovation lies at the heart of successful brand differentiation.
Consumers & Consumer Value (1½ days) Understanding the Marketplace (1½ days) Consumer understanding lies at the heart of marketing excellence, and considerable competitive advantage can be developed once consumers are understood to be in charge of the consumption and value creation process. This Masterclass will explore practical ways in which this perspective can be developed and applied.
Integrated Marketing Communications (1½ days) Digital Marketing & Social Media (1½ days) This Masterclass equips participants with a comprehensive framework for the development of brand-building communications across the whole rapidly-expanding range of paid, owned and earned channels, with special emphasis on the huge potential and challenges offered by digital marketing and social media.
Marketing Analytics (1½ days) Measure & Optimise for Performance (1½ days) This Masterclass is for executives whose role requires them to master the unprecedented opportunities available through the rise of Big Data and rich analytics. It shows how competitive advantage and value can be extracted by deploying a good understanding of analytics, but also a fair dose of marketing creativity.
Breakthrough Strategies, Business Analysis & Planning (1½ days) The Marketing of Innovation (1½ days) This module takes a systematic approach to show how creative problem-solving and business planning can be combined for competitive advantage, Class discussions involve real examples of turbulent changes in various industries on a global scale and participants learn how to leverage ‘blue ocean’ strategies, innovative business models and collaborative business networks.
Going to Market (1½ days) Shopper & Retail Marketing (1½ days) This Masterclass takes a fresh and creative look at the whole process of marketing a product or service so as to deliver the full promise of the brand and its values, from the day-to-day management and control of product offerings to the cross-functional mind-set required to maximise brand value through aligned and imaginative product delivery.
Global Issues in Marketing (1½ days) Managing for Social Impact (1½ days) This module equips participants with the new approaches and skills required for the evolving and complex task of managing global brands. How can a product originally developed to serve a purely local market evolve into a global player? How should an established global brand adapt its ‘one size fits all’ approach in the new, developing markets where future growth lies?
Tuition Fees: Each Masterclass is priced at £2,200. Discounts are available to ESCP Europe alumni and Corporate Partners. No application fees apply for Masterclasses. Students completing all 8 Masterclasses can add a graduation package for an additional £4,400 in order to obtain the Executive Master in Marketing and Creativity.
What is the Masterclass Series? A series of short training programmes each exploring and developing creative approaches to a specific emerging topic in the expanding world of Creative and Strategic Marketing. Each Masterclass consists of two interlinked modules delivered across 3 days, taught by ESCP Europe Faculty. Each one is an excellent opportunity to connect with the latest thinking, hear from industry guest speakers, study alongside and network with participants of the School's EMMK and EMBA programmes. Distance learning elements allow participants to follow up and develop their learning.
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