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#theinnovationfactory by L'Oréal

A fascinating day offered to ESCP Europe students by the L'Oréal Professorship in Creativity Marketing.


Conferences and seminars, challenge workshops, recruitment sessions, VR & AI experiences…. From 9am to 7pm, L'Oréal shared their expertise at the ESCP Europe Paris campus.

A great opportunity was offered to students to fully immerse themselves in L'Oréal's leading brands and discover how the global giant is constructing the future of beauty. 

#theinnovationfactory journey got started with a brilliant keynote speech by Lubomira Rochet, L'Oréal's Chief Digital Officer, which focused on Innovation and Digital Transformation.

Pic 1

Relive the opening conference here.

All day long L'Oréal offered different learning opportunities. Every 45 minutes, seminars were delivered which embraced a range of digital issues: 

Open Innovation and Services with Vincent Arcin, Global Digital Services Factory Director
Data with Alexander Emelyanov, Head of digital & Data Innovation and  Louis Henault  Lead Data Scientist
Social Listening with Marc Duquesnoy, Social Media Performance Director, Global CDO Team and Quentin Habert, Program Manager
Precision Advertising with Sebastien Thomas,  Global Media Manager  Anh-Khoi Truong
Innovation and Research with  Michaël Haddad, Chairman, X Open Innovation, Applied Optics & Algorithmics
Digital Transformation of Operations with Stephane Lannuzel, Operations Chief Digital Officer

Students enjoyed the latest technologies by tring out AI and VR experiences....

Pic 2

(Personalisation with Lancome Le Teint Particulier, Blending AR and AI for the Perfect Makeup: Light-Enabled Make-up, Virtual Reality Experience Innovation with Diesel Only The Brave, & YSL Mon Paris and the Connected Mirror)

While others met with the L'Oréal HR team for recruitment sessions

33 pre-selected students were challenged to help L'Oréal crack current real life issues

Pic 3

Workshops for groups of 6-7 students:

  • B2B2C Challenge (Asian market, haircare): from loyalty to advocacy
  • From social listening data to insights and strategy
  • Increasing advocacy via ratings and reviews
  • Touch and feel in e-commerce: creating an online fragrance experience at YSL
  • Data and Analytics: from data to content consumption across brands

From noon to 5pm, students had five hours to come up with a recommendation to present to five jury members (Emma Shuttleworth, Talent Acquisition Director L'Oréal France; Arnaud Vautier, VP HR, Talent Director & HR Business Partner for Digital Functions; Cristina Monnoyeur, Operation Transformation Director; Béatrice Collin, Professor, ESCP Europe; Marie Taillard, Professor, ESCP Europe, L'Oréal Professor of Creativity Marketing and Co-Academic Director of the MSc in Marketing & Creativity (MMK) .

"It was really incredible to see what the students were able to do in such a short space of time.  It was clear to see that they not only worked in partnership with their L'Oréal coach, but also at the same time brought their own ideas, creativity and passion. These cases really take weeks or months for a team to work on, so they should be very proud of what they achieved in such a short space of time!" said Emma Shuttleworth.

The winning team was the group working on 'Touch and feel in e-commerce: creating an online fragrance experience at YSL': Camille Coulet, Luigi Cuseo, Silvia Masoero, Caroline Housel (Master in Management), Ramin Misrikhanov and Kushagra Nehra (MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics), and Alexandra Reinert (Bachelor in Management).

Pic 4

We asked how best to describe their experience. The words that came up again and again were: team work, experience sharing, inspiring, challenging, immersive, unique, enriching, thought-provoking, rewarding, innovative, creative, inclusive, exciting, and team-bonding.

Students benefited a lot from this learning journey!

"The most challenging aspect was actually summarising all the good ideas we had to deliver a benefitial and feasible plan for L'Oreal!" (Ramin Misrikhanov)
"We were from very different backgrounds and cultures, and what I enjoyed the most was our sharing of ideas, each person focusing on different concerns depending on her/his domain of specialisation. We brainstormed and debated a lot but we came to an agreement on each of our ideas, which were quite complementary." (Camille Coulet)
"Innovation is more about thinking differently as a team and working towards a goal in mind." ( Kushagra Nehra)
"This workshop exposed us to the challenging realities of working in a cosmetics company in the 21st century. I learnt how to address the complexities that accompany the dramatic shift into the digital age taking place across the industry." (Caroline Housel)
"This workshop has been a full immersion in world of L'Oréal. I really enjoy the fact that the L'Oréal manager, Olivia Richard, decided to allow us to be completely free to brainstorm our own concepts and ideas relating to the perfume world before introducing us to the YSL business." (Luigi Cuseo)

To learn more about the Professorship in Creativity Marketing click here

Interested in becoming a marketing leader who understands how to implement creativity and drive innovation? Check out how ESCP Europe's programmes will equip you with the tools you'll need!


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