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Ana Cristina Da Silva (Portugal)
Client Insights Analyst at
MMK Class of 2015

I could write endless pages on how the MSc in Markerting and Creativity (MMK) changed my life. For now, I'll just share a couple of paragraphs that briefly explain: How the MMK contributed in me choosing a start-up, why I decided to work at Teads and how I use the MMK learning in my work.

If it feels right, it probably is.

The MMK changed my thinking process and work structure; it saved me from following the norm and traditions without asking "Why". That was definitely a factor that led me to choose a start up company in the first place. This would have never happened if I hadn't applied to the MMK. Most probably I would be working in a big corporation because, conventionally, that's a big achievement for a CV. There is no right or wrong company to work for, but after the MSc I knew I would fit better in an environment that would give me the opportunity to grow naturally with the business and that would challenge me to ask "Why" and "Why not" just as the MMK did.


During the MMK I was teamed up for fast-paced projects with people from 33 different nationalities and backgrounds. I was face-to-face with speakers from companies in all industries in London and Paris. I loved all the factors that make the MMK unique. Analysing dozens of real-life innovative business case studies, the MMK inspired me to look for a company post-graduation that was reinventing the world.

In the last days of the programme I was introduced to Teads by an ESCP Europe Alumni who is now my manager and friend. As with the MMK, Teads combines the factors I was looking for: international people with different backgrounds, a start-up that invests in people and which incentivises new and fresh ideas, and opens the way for everyone to bring their ideas to life. Even better, it shares their ideas with the all +450 Teads people around the world.


Currently I work globally from the Teads London office. I create insights on ad effectiveness, consumer online behaviour, best practices in online video advertising, industry benchmarks analysis, and online video landscape studies for six different verticals: Entertainment, Luxury, Tech, FMCG, Finance and Automotive. I work every day with people with impressive backgrounds in a flexible, open-minded and international environment. At Teads I've also been in contact with people I once met as guest speakers at ESCP Europe.

Since I've joined Teads I've been practicing most of the methodologies taught in the MMK. The six thinking hats, the structured problem solving, the consumer decision journey, the ecosystem theory, and the lean thinking. All of those concepts and others have helped me in my career after the Master. It taught me that the fresh air of new sustainable ideas is precious and will inspire and incentivise an organisation at all levels. People appreciate, compensate and respect those who participate, bring viable solutions to the table, create pilot tests and execute them.

Now, one year after classes finished, I keep the programme in my mind. Sometimes I still review the concepts we've learned in classes: I want to keep them alive because they work. They don't come in books and we can't just Google them because they were specially created for us, the ones who want to "stay hungry, stay foolish".

There is still time to apply for the 2016 Intake of the MSc in Marketing & Creativity. If you would like to know more, go to the MSc in Marketing and Creativity (MMK) and Executive Master in Marketing and Creativity (EMMK), or join us for the next virtual session on 24th November at 5:00 pm (UK Time). To register, click here.

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