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04 March 2015 00:00
Dr Ben Voyer, Programme Director of the new Bachelor in Management and marketing professor at ESCP Europe Business School was invited to speak at Ted Talk in London on 17th January, 2015.

He presented his latest research on "Can power change how we connect with Others?"
21 May 2014 00:00
Dr Ben Voyer, consumer psychologist and marketing professor at ESCP Europe Business School, says Burberry needs to reinvent itself again to appeal to the new Chinese consumer.
22 March 2013 12:00
Dr Ben Voyer discussed a report by Which? showing how manufacturers are 'shrinking' products, instead of increasing their prices. Dr Voyer explained the psychological mechanisms which make consumers less susceptible to notice the implicit price increase. He highlighted the importance of consumer education to help consumers resist being manipulated.
05 March 2013 15:47
ESCP Europe Business School is delighted to be hosting the London edition of the 'Business in Europe' seminar, which has a special focus on creativity and innovation on 6th and 7th March.

All Master in Management students at ESCP Europe take part in four fascinating seminars as a part of their programme. Having completed the Start@Europe event in Strasbourg as well as the Business Simulation Game and Research Methods seminars, the final-year Master in Management - or M2 - students will now come together for 'Business in Europe', hosted by Prof. Pascal Morand.

This two-day event begins with roundtable discussions with special guest speakers on a variety of subjects. The second day introduces a selection of companies with problems to solve, after which students take part in five creativity workshops to discuss how these issues might be resolved.
25 February 2013 00:00
ESCP Europe is offering a special Early Bird discount of £2,000 for candidates applying to the Executive Master in Marketing and Creativity (EMMK) before 1st April 2013.

In addition, the School offers some scholarships to participants entering the EMMK in 2013, each worth £3,000.
21 February 2013 00:00
The Creativity Marketing Centre at ESCP Europe Business School is hosting a series of academic research seminars in London for spring 2013, focusing on new, exciting, and creative topics and approaches to the broad field of marketing. The seminars feature leading academics in the field to discuss their current research with the CMC team and guests.

Eric Arnould of the School of Management at Bath University, UK and the University of Southern Denmark kicked of the series with the seminar 'Consumer fetish: The symbolic imaginary of consumer research'.
04 February 2013 16:00
ESCP Europe Business School has educated generations of international leaders and thinkers. Established in 1819 as the world's first business school, ESCP Europe is now celebrating 40 years as a pioneer of cross-border business education in Europe, marking the opening of its campuses in the United Kingdom and Germany in 1973.
18 January 2013 11:00
This week we've welcomed our brand new Master in Marketing and Creativity (MMK) participants on our London campus. This is the 4th annual intake of a highly successful programme, which places creativity at its very core.

This year's group of 48 students come from 33 different countries, thus adding real diversity and dynamism to the class.
17 December 2012 12:00
The Executive Master in Marketing and Creativity (EMMK) is a 15-month, part-time programme beginning in September. This ground-breaking programme is designed for current marketing professionals wishing to stay ahead of the curve, as well as those planning to enter the discipline and facing the challenge of getting up to pace.
05 December 2012 12:00
Dr Marie Taillard was recently interviewed by Vlad Glăveanu for the latest issue of Europe's Journal of Psychology (EJOP). In the interview, Dr Taillard discusses her interest and ongoing research in the areas of marketing, consumer behaviour and creativity.
04 December 2012 14:00
Dr Voyer was invited to discuss how consumers could mobilise to voice their concerns over companies avoiding paying taxes in the UK. Dr Voyer argued that consumers need to make sure there is an offline counterpart to any online mobilisation, as online mobilisation itself is not always sufficient to threaten the reputation of a brand, and therefore have companies react. When virtual and online actions become real, companies are forced to respond.
03 December 2012 00:00
ESCP Europe, the World’s First Business School (est. 1819), has been announced as one of the ten best in Europe in the 2012 Financial Times European Business School rankings.

After a successful year which saw the School’s Master in Management placed 2nd worldwide and its Executive MBA ranked in the top five worldwide for its career progression opportunities, international course experience and international student body, ESCP Europe is proud to finish 2012 with such a prestigious achievement.

In addition to the overall ranking, this places ESCP Europe 2nd in the UK. The School is ranked well ahead of big name rivals University of Oxford: Saïd, Warwick Business School, City University: Cass, Cranfield School of Management, Imperial College Business School and LSE, thereby cementing its position as one of the best providers of cross-cultural business and management education in the United Kingdom.
10 October 2012 00:00
The current Master in Marketing & Creativity (MMK) students have finished their three semesters in London and are now spending their final on-campus semester in Paris before heading out on their internships. A Parisian highlight thus far was their visit to the Institut de la Mode, a school famed for its programmes combining design, management and creativity.
08 October 2012 12:00
Dr Voyer was interviewed on the reasons why Reckitt & Benckiser succeeded at selling hair removal products on the Chine Market.

With Veet in China, “marketing plays a role that is very similar to that of the apple in the Bible,” said Ben Voyer, a social psychologist and assistant professor of marketing at ESCP EuropeBusiness School. “It creates an awareness, which subsequently creates a feeling of shame and need.”
05 October 2012 09:00
On 20th October 2012, ESCP Europe's London campus will open its doors to anyone who wishes to know more about the School, the programmes it provides and the Research Centres.

This all-day event will combine a presentation of ESCP Europe, a keynote speech by Prof. Davide Sola named 'Think Strategically: The Art & Science of Solving Big Challenges', a panel discussion with members of our 40,000-strong Alumni network, and a social media workshop titled 'Maximising LinkedIn for Your Career'.
21 September 2012 18:04
The marketing industry is witnessing a flood of research and events outlining the importance of having an effective big data strategy," says Marketing Week. The issue of Big Data is something that particularly interests the Creativity Marketing Centre (CMC) here at the School.
20 September 2012 15:20
Brits are notoriously famous for grumbling - being shy and reluctant to complain - writes FT journalist Matt Engel. But why is that so? ESCP Europe marketing professor Ben Voyer argues that British customers communicate their opinions by 'exiting' the relationship they have with their product or service providers, whereas American customers are more likely to 'voice' theirs. Prof Voyer also discusses consumer welfare, and how the multiplication of options available to consumers sometimes backfires and creates a tyranny of choices, which makes it very difficult for them to make the right choice.
19 September 2012 13:30
We are delighted to congratulate Minas Kastanakis, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the London campus, who was awarded the Best Conference Paper prize at the 2012 Global Marketing Conference in Seoul, South Korea on 21st July.
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