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2014 Spring Research Camp on Consumer Creativity

Date: 9th June 2014, 8.30 am - 7.00 pm
Location: ESCP Europe London Campus


The Creativity Marketing Centre @ESCP Europe proudly presented the 2014 Spring Research Camp on Consumer Creativity

We assembled a group of leading international researchers working at the intersection of creativity, marketing and consumer behaviour to present some of their work on the fascinating and timely topic of Consumer Creativity, and to initiate collaborations on new research outputs on the topic.

The topic of consumer creativity has been addressed in Consumer Culture Theory (e.g., Schau et al., 2009), Consumer Psychology (e.g., Burroughs et al., 2009), Marketing Strategy (e.g., Berthon et al., 2007) and Service Dominant Logic (e.g., Taillard et al., 2013).  All have pointed to the important role of consumers in creating value through their creativity.  Bringing together some of these leading researchers and creativity experts from socio-cultural psychology, we will share ideas across the different streams of research, and aim to answer key questions about consumer creativity - focusing on three themes:


  • How can we define consumer creativity?
  • How prevalent and routine is consumer creativity?
  • Are all consumers creative? Are some consumers more creative than others?
  • Are all acts of consumption creative?
  • How can we differentiate between consumer creativity and co-creation?


  • What kind of value is created by creative consumers?
  • How do we identify and measure consumer creativity?


  • How can firms harness consumer creativity?
  • Where can consumer creativity be useful (product innovation, customer service, content creation, word-of-mouth and influence etc)?
  • What is the role of interactive platforms in fostering and enhancing consumer creativity?
  • Can consumer creativity backfire? 

The Spring Camp at ESCP Europe Business School will feature a keynote speech led by Prof. Eric Arnould of University of Southern Denmark and a number of short (invited) presentations and breakout roundtables to discuss the topic and develop new insights and output opportunities.

Join us for this highly collaborative and focused discussion, and help shape research on this fascinating topic. This is also an opportunity to discover the beautiful and friendly London Campus of ESCP Europe Business School. Participants will be our guests for breakfast, lunch and a cocktail reception. 

Opening remarks

Tom van Laer welcomed guests and participants to ESCP Europe and provide a short introduction to ESCP Europe Business School, the School's London Campus and the Creativity Marketing Centre. 



Tom van LaerTom van Laer

Assistant Professor of Marketing 

ESCP Europe Business School, London





ArnouldKeynote Speaker:

Eric Arnould

Professor, University of Southern Denmark


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