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About Yummee

Yummee is a pioneering fundraising community marketplace where you can, as a charity supporter, bake or buy homemade cakes in your neighbourhood, with all the proceeds going to a charity.
Yummee is all about bringing communities together to bake the world better!

About the Consultancy Project

This project presents a strong proposal that will enable fundraising for charities helping sick children, especially premature babies in the UK.

This study focusses on building brand awareness, finding new bakers and consumers, boosting brand loyalty, and building a community actively engaged with Yummee's activities that will contribute to providing a continuous stream of revenue.  

Key objectives:

  • Help charities to push their members to bake and to buy cakes
  • Help the bakers to promote their cakes
  • Recruit new customers: potential bakers and potential clients
  • Create loyalty and stickiness towards Yummee


Constance Dollfus

Paola Daddato

Camille Creton

Sara Bleger



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