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Paula Marinone
Visual Merchandising & Display Manager
ISC - Sportswear France Division

Paula Marinone is a fashion professional who currently holds the position of Display Manager for the French division of an Italian luxury sportswear group. 

She has a BA in Fashion Design and Marketing and has taken several specialised courses related to cosmetics and apparel. She wrote a thesis about the human conditions that make of fashion and cosmetics multi-billion euro industries and proposed a business plan based on this research. 

Since the beginning of her career as an entrepreneur, she has acquired diverse experience within the luxury goods industry, working alongside prestigious brands and department stores. 

Paula is multicultural by origin and international by experience: she has lived in Canada, France, Italy, Mexico and the U.S. She speaks English, Spanish, Italian, and French.

In the near future, she aspires to offer the services of Image Branding to help individuals and companies enhance their visual communication.

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