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Building a Startup - Creative Communication is Key

The entrepreneurial Gabriel Gutierrez tells us about how the lessons he learnt from the MSc in Marketing and Creativity are helping him take his pasta sauce startup in Colombia to the next level.

What is your current position?

General Manager of N3 / Entrepreneur / Project Developer

Tell me a bit about where you were prior to starting the MSc in Marketing and Creativity at ESCP Europe?

Before starting in January 2014 at ESCP Europe, I had just come back to Barranquilla, my hometown, after living nine years in Bogota. I arrived in the month of June in order to start developing my idea for a food company. I was developing all the brand strategies, packaging, and processes and rolling out our MVP (Minimum Valuable Product). Also, I was preparing an operations manual for my brothers who were going to manage the company while I was overseas.


Where are you now?

I am the e-commerce manager at L'Oréal Germany, Cosmétique Active.

Tell us a bit about your path since the studying the MSc in Marketing & Creativity (MMK)?

I first started at Procter & Gamble as a "Brand Manager". I oversaw Gucci, Escada, Rochas for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. While there, I was in charge of adapting the global strategy to the national and local markets. Some key launches I was responsible for were Gucci Guilty and Especially Escada.

After a year and a half, I left for Berlin to work as a Brand Manager at Zalando, Europe's leading Online Fashion Retailer. I stayed for about another year and a half, and was in charge of building up the brand Kiomi, a private fashion label and online platform in the Zalando network.

Posted by Ben Voyer @drbenvoyer at 6:20 - 0 Comments

On the eve of New York Fashion Week, the eyes of the fashion world will be fixed on Los Angeles, where Saint Laurent is presenting a bumper AW16 men's and women's show. It marks a significant shift from its usual home at Paris Fashion Week, which will only have a small show this year, but is just another in a line of bold and innovative moves by its creative director Hedi Slimane.

Slimane has transformed the French fashion house - quite literally stripping the first name of its celebrated founder "Yves" from the company's ready-to-wear line - since taking charge in 2012. The brand's rise has been meteoric under his direction.

Posted by Ben Voyer @drbenvoyer at 5:54 - 1 Comments

Every year, seasonal promotions come back, and every year, consumers wonder: should I buy or should I not?

Originally a Northern American concept, gravitating around the Thanksgiving holiday, Black Friday is now synonymous with sales even in parts of the world that do not celebrate Thanksgiving. Why? Primarily because consumers are always savvy and looking for discounts and sales. In fact, most consumers find it difficult to resist discounts. The larger the discount, the more consumers will consider a product or service, even if they do not really need the product. There is also a social influence component to explain the success of these types of sales. Buying is often related to displaying one's power and status. Therefore, if every one else is buying, that is displaying their power and status, one will certainly want to compete and do the same!

Posted by Creativity Marketing Centre @Creativitymktg at 3:25 - 0 Comments

Dr Benjamin Voyer was listed on the latest edition of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) Fellow Spotlight for his recently named L'Oréal Professor of Creativity Marketing at ESCP Europe Business School.

This partnership with L'Oréal will be an opportunity to provide a better understanding of beauty consumption, especially in terms of its societal aspects. Recent research looks at the role of beauty consumption in the development of a positive self-esteem, and how companies can obtain better consumer response by using realistic rather than unrealistic beauty standards. Further research in this area can thus enhance our understanding of how consumers relate to the portrayal of beauty in advertising, and eventually result in a more balanced portrayal of beauty and help prevent the spread of unrealistic beauty standards.

Posted by Creativity Marketing Centre @creativitymktg at 10:24 - 0 Comments

ESCP Europe Business School and its Creativity Marketing Centre would like to announce that the application process for the January 2016 intake of the MSc in Marketing & Creativity will remain open due to a large number of submission applications. 


ESCP Europe strives to attract the best students, regardless of their financial background. As such, the School offers a selection of financial need and merit-based scholarships. Around 400 are awarded each year, representing a total of €1,500,000.

Posted by Ana Cristina Da Silva at 7:54 - 0 Comments

I could write endless pages on how the MSc in Markerting and Creativity (MMK) changed my life. For now, I'll just share a couple of paragraphs that briefly explain: How the MMK contributed in me choosing a start-up, why I decided to work at Teads and how I use the MMK learning in my work.

If it feels right, it probably is.

The MMK changed my thinking process and work structure; it saved me from following the norm and traditions without asking "Why". That was definitely a factor that led me to choose a start up company in the first place. This would have never happened if I hadn't applied to the MMK. Most probably I would be working in a big corporation because, conventionally, that's a big achievement for a CV. There is no right or wrong company to work for, but after the MSc I knew I would fit better in an environment that would give me the opportunity to grow naturally with the business and that would challenge me to ask "Why" and "Why not" just as the MMK did.

Posted by Peter Stephenson-Wright at 4:01 - 0 Comments

Creativity Marketers can draw inspiration from anything.  In my case, from Nicole Kidman in the play "Photograph 51" by Anna Ziegler this week.  This tells the story of Dr Rosalind Franklin, the pioneering experimental scientist whose work prompted the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA.

Despite her essential role in the uncovering of the so-called "secret of life", Franklin was not there for the final breakthrough and did not share in the Nobel Prize subsequently awarded to Francis Crick and James Watson from Cambridge, who finally solved the riddle, and to Maurice Wilkins, her supervisor at King's College London.

Posted by ESCP Europe Business School at 4:29 - 0 Comments

ESCP Europe Business School is delighted to announce the launch of the L'Oréal Professorship in Creativity Marketing, to be held by two of its London-based Professors, Dr Marie Taillard and Dr Benjamin Voyer.

As part of this agreement, L'Oréal becomes a Founding Corporate Member of ESCP Europe's Creativity Marketing Centre (CMC). The CMC provides academic research and published articles on themes such as Consumer Creativity, Cultures of Creativity, Analytics and Creativity, Big Data, Behavioural Science Innovation, and the Emergence of Business Ecosystems.

For L'Oréal and ESCP Europe, Creativity Marketing is a shared domain of excellence.  The partnership strengthens L'Oréal's position in the domain, bringing academic content and input to its internal and external operations. The company will benefit from the high visibility offered within ESCP Europe through participation in the business school's events and contact with its 45,000 strong student and alumni body; and beyond ESCP Europe through academic and professional conferences, media appearances and other events.

Posted by Dr Marie Taillard @marietaillard at 11:06 - 0 Comments

Early November is always a critical time for the Creativity Marketing team. Every year, we take stock of the lessons learnt over the past eight months of teaching the outgoing MSc students as they embark on their internships and thesis research -- the last phase of the degree before graduating in June. As we take these lessons in, we also actively plan for the incoming class starting in January.  

One of the particularities of the MSc Marketing and Creativity (MMK) has always been that we allow the curriculum to evolve continuously. As we observe the management and practice of marketing develop, we assess the importance and impact of each new development, and determine how to ensure it's reflected in the programme.

This year, we are focusing on one key aspect of our programme, which we have come to refer to as "Not By The Book". This aspect is clearly visible in two ways:

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